This past week a new poll of American Jews was released by J Street, a pro-Israel, pro-Peace political organization based in Washington, D.C (see J Street link to learn more). The poll shows continuing support by American Jews in numbers far exceeding the non-Jewish population for President Obama and US leadership to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Click on below and then go to the “Power-Point” presentation to get the poll’s essential findings:

As we move towards September with an expected UN vote on Palestinian statehood, it is important for American Jews to know how our community actually feels about the President’s general job performance and his policies in the Middle East, the UN, and his  efforts to bring the Israelis and Palestinians back to negotiations for an end-of-conflict agreement of two states for two peoples.

The right-wing of the American Jewish community (under 30%) has led many to conclude that the President is anti-Israel. Most American Jews don’t buy it because it isn’t true. Obama’s record of support for Israel’s security and its long term interests are clear.


Rabbi John Rosove