Someone I respect emailed me this morning following my post on Mel Gibson and said the following:

“John, I think you’re giving Gibson more benefit of the doubt than he deserves. Actually, is there really any doubt to begin with? I don’t think so.”

My private response to him was as follows, which he said I should have said in the first place – so here it is:

I can’t know his (Gibson’s) mind and heart – his actions are clear, and the only benefit of the doubt I offer is really irrelevant anyway. It’s what his deeds are, and so far, he is unredeemed.”

A Poem…

Avraham Chalfi (zal) an Israeli actor and poet, wrote a moving piece on forgiveness called “A sightless God and Forgiveness” – as follows:

“A sightless God with lantern in hand / Seeks a path in the evening dusk / And everyone says: / Here comes the moon / And like a tree it rises / Pouring light on the road… // The rooftops sparkle like a looking glass / Leafy branches of light anoint me / And above the city, within sail-clouds / The stars moor on a skyward shore … // May forgiveness beautify all hearts / No soul is foul or at fault / There are no sinners among us. / We are weary of drifting in the dark. / And blind God will forgive in the light of our eyes.”