Several disciples of Rabbi Nachum of Tchernobil came to him and wept and complained that they had fallen prey to darkness and depression and could not lift up their heads either in the teachings or in prayer. The zaddik saw the state of their hearts and that they sincerely yearned for the nearness of the living God. He said to them: “My dear sons, do not be distressed at this seeming death which has come upon you. For everything that is in the world, is also in the human being. And just as on Rosh Hashanah life ceases on all the stars and they sink into a deep sleep, in which they are strengthened, and from which they awake with a new power of shining, so those people who truly desire to come close to God, must pass through the state of cessation of spiritual life, and ‘the falling is for the sake of the rising.’ As it is written that the Eternal God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept and from his sleep he arose, a whole man.'”

Tales of the Hasidim, compiled by Martin Buber – p. 173, Schocken edition

L’shanah tovah u-m’tukah – a good and sweet New Year to you, to those you love, and for the people of Israel.