In September I posted on my personal blog a link to a background paper recently published on the Palestinian Christian population. This study was an eye-opener for me and I recommend it to you (see link below).

In my own journeys to the Israel and the West Bank I was left with the same impression reported on CBS 60 Minutes this past weekend, that over the past 100 years [1] that the Palestinian Christian population is dramatically shrinking, and [2] that it is shrinking because of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank on the one hand and Muslim extremism on the other.

After reading this excellent paper by Ethan Felson at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) – “JCPA Background Paper – The Palestinian Christian Population” I was surprised to learn that both impressions are substantial distortions of the truth.

This paper is a careful analysis of the demographics and politics around this controversial issue. It is well worth reading and sharing with any Christian Ministers, Priests and Christian friends you might know.

Click to access JCPA%20Background%20Paper%20on%20Palestinian%20Christians%207%202.pdf