There’s been in Israel an alarming increase of racism over the last few years. Jewish terrorist price tag attacks continue to plague Israeli human rights organizations, Palestinian-Israeli citizens, Palestinians living in the West Bank, their villages and olive groves, and Christian churches in the heart of West Jerusalem. The most horrendous example was the murder by Jewish terrorists of an innocent 16-year old Mohammed abu Khadr in June in revenge following the murder of the three kidnapped Israeli teens by Hamas-related terrorists.

Israeli racism, intolerance of the “other,” and bullying is finally being addressed seriously by Israel’s Ministry of Education in programs to educate children in elementary, junior high and high school about tolerance and human rights. Israel’s new President Reuven Rivlin has devoted himself to this issue and has condemned all expressions of intolerance, racism and bullying including that coming from certain extremist members of the sitting Israeli governing coalition.

I was particularly moved by the following video reported in the Times of Israel that shows the Israeli President sitting in his office with a young boy, George Amire, from Jaffa who has been the victim of bullying in a new campaign in which Ruvy Rivlin has committed himself in promoting tolerance and solidarity.