Subscribing to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz would be worth it just to hear the young and eloquent Labor Member of the Knesset Stav Shaffir speak for less than three minutes in the Knesset when she argued eloquently, passionately and directly what Zionism is and has always been about.

To Israeli right wing MKs (e.g. Naftali Bennett who she mentions by name) who claim to speak for Zionism, she says “Don’t preach to us about Zionism because real Zionism means dividing the budget equally among all the citizens of the country. Real Zionism is taking care of the weak. Real Zionism is solidarity, not only in battle but every day.”

Stav was one of the key leaders in the 2012 social justice movement in which more than 250,000 Israelis, middle class, young and old, camped out on Rehov Rothschild in Tel Aviv demanding changes in the economy to protect the vast middle class that was being squeezed. She is now one of the top five on the Labor party Knesset list standing for election to the Knesset on March 17. She is smart, passionate and not even thirty years old. I hope and believe that Stav is the future of the leadership of the State of Israel, and I could see her one day becoming Prime Minister.

Keep the name Stav Shaffir in mind. She exudes not only the gifts of an orator (watch her in Hebrew), but the will of young Israel to carry on the dream of the founders of the nation.