Dear Readers:

You’ve no doubt been reading and watching the spectacle that is Donald Trump and his impact in the primaries.

You may have already had your fill – for me, I’m endlessly curious!

Regardless, here are four pieces that I’ve watched/read in the last week that address different sides of this phenomenon.

Watch John Oliver (if you haven’t already) for sheer entertainment coupled with sobriety. Either watch before you read the other items in order to put you in a good mood, or after you’ve read the other three to lift your spirits – or both!

The Lakoff piece is an important analysis by one of the keep observers of the American scene about who Trump appeals to and why.

Maureen Dowd is classic Maureen Dowd.

Leonard Pitts is also important, but in a slightly different way.

Only God knows where this is all going. I haven’t a clue!


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Why Trump? – Huffington Post –  George Lakoff, The Huffington Post –

The GOP’s destruction of its own party- Leonard Pitts Jr March 4, 2016 4:39 PM , Miami Herald –

Chickens, Home to Roost  Maureen Dowd, New York Times‎ – March 4, 2016 –