These are three articles I recommend you read right now!!!!!!

  1. President Obama Weighs His Economic Legacy – Andrew Ross Sorkin, NY Times, April 28, 2016

Eight years after the financial crisis, unemployment is at 5 percent, deficits are down and G.D.P. is growing. Why do so many voters feel left behind? The president has a theory.

“I actually compare our economic performance to how, historically, countries that have wrenching financial crises perform. By that measure, we probably managed this better than any large economy on Earth in modern history….Anybody who says we are not absolutely better off today than we were just seven years ago, they’re not leveling with you. They’re not telling the truth.”

  1. How to build a better Israeli democracy – Naomi Chazan – Times of Israel Blog – April 25, 2016, 1:00 pm

Professor Naomi Chazan, former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, is Dean of the School of Government and Society at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo

“Three ideas, each addressing a different aspect of the problem of governability in the country, might together provide just such a formula to re-energize Israel’s lackadaisical public arena…. The first, and ostensibly the most simple, relates to leadership rotation… The establishment of term limits, so common in the democratic world, distinguishes working democracies from present-day autocracies and from past and contemporary monarchies…. A second, allied, reform, concerns the enhancement of public performance through the enlargement of the Knesset. An increase in the size of Israel’s parliament — one of the smallest per capita in the democratic world — is essential for the effective conduct of its legislative and oversight functions…. A third possible measure for the rejuvenation of Israeli politics centers on the improvement of checks and balances. One of the oft-discussed steps in this direction is to consider the establishment of a second, upper chamber, which would serve not only to review governmental actions and prevent flagrant abuses, but also to enable inclusive representation that would cut across increasingly intractable social divisions.”

  1. Not Just Any Woman: I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton, and It’s Personal – By Laura Donney on April 28th, 2016 – She wins We Win blog

I’m a 24-year-old feminist who is loudly supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

Note on my relationship with the author of this blog:

I love Laura Donney – she is like a daughter to me, a member of my family, and this blog is among the most moving statements I have read anywhere about why Hillary Clinton needs to be elected President of the United States! Read it – and you will understand not only why this is true, but why I love Laura!