This article by the Forward’s JJ Goldberg reviews a number of important issues and conflicts going on inside Israel and vis a vis the United States that I recommend you read.

JJ begins his piece this way:

“The long-simmering tension between Israel’s generals and their politician bosses flared up in early August into a near-crisis in U.S.-Israel relations. It’s an almost comically complicated caper, so pay close attention. You can’t make this stuff up.”

Here are the issues JJ addresses that could reasonably become a sordid TV mini-series here in the US or in Israel (Screenwriters! Take note!):

• The Israeli generals vs their political bosses
• Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s intemperate leadership of the Israeli Defense Ministry
• The Israeli army vs Israel’s right-wing extremists
• The corrupting influence of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate
• The on-again-off-again American-Israeli Aid negotiations
• The bad marriage between President Obama and Israel’s right wing government and more on the Iran deal