“During the past two years, a sense of gloom has taken over my country, as pride in Israel’s accomplishments and self-confidence grounded in reality have given way to fear-mongering, victimhood and internal quarrels.”

This is how the former Israeli Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Chief of Staff begins his sober reality check evaluating the damage that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has allowed to occur as the government of Israel that he leads has turned more militantly nationalistic and intransigent in doing what Barak believes is required for Israel’s long term health as a democracy and nation-state of the Jewish people.

I believe that Barak’s analysis is correct, cautious and wise, and ought to be read and taken seriously by anyone who cares about, loves and believes in the state of Israel as a beacon light of hope not only for the Jewish people but for the civilized world.

Barak observed:

“Despite seven wars, two intifadas and a host of military operations, Israel has emerged as the most successful nation-building project of the 20th century: powerful scientifically, economically and militarily, with a vibrant culture. What made this possible is sorely lacking today: a vision that unifies; an action plan that is realistic; and bold, far-sighted leadership that navigates both while holding a compass, not a weather vane. Israel needs a policy that restores credibility to our relations with Washington; prioritizes the unity of the people over the unity of the land; enhances security via cooperation with like-minded nations; and promotes democratic values rather than messianic visions.”

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