MAZON: A Jewish response to Hunger is part of a national campaign to pose the question about food insecurity and hunger in the United States to the candidates for president in the next debate.

The question is simple, and the answer is critical in the lives of 12% of all Americans:

How will you help 42.2 million Americans facing food insecurity of which 13.1 million are children and 5.7 million are seniors?

By clicking onto this website, you can ask this important question, and if  thousands of Americans do so, the question indeed will be posed to the candidates at the next presidential debate next week.

This is a new opportunity for regular citizens to participate actively in the debates. The questions that receive the most votes will be asked.

ABC and CNN moderators have agreed to consider the top 30 questions. To date, the question about food insecurity has earned enough votes to reach the rank of #28 out of more than 7,000 questions submitted.

After you vote spread the word on social media and to your networks.

MAZON’s hope is to hit 8,000 votes before Rosh Hashanah!

Click onto the site above and pose the question NOW.

Shanah tovah.