In celebration of Dr. King’s birthday, we invite the community to be with us at Temple Israel of Hollywood tonight (Monday, January 16, 2017 – 7 PM) to view a 30-minute rough cut of a new documentary called “Shared Legacy – Honoring the Black-Jewish Alliance in the Civil Rights Movement.”

Dr. Susannah Heschel, daughter of Rabbi Heschel and Professor of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College will be with us along with Dr. Albert J. Raboteau, Emeritus Professor of African-American Religion at Princeton and a leading scholar of the African-American community, and Dr. Shari Rogers, President and founder of Spill The Honey/Building Relationships, an organization committed to advancing public knowledge of the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement as a means of promoting cultural tolerance, fighting injustice and encouraging young people to become compassionate, global citizens.

Rabbi Fred Guttman talks with Congressman John Lewis who speaks about that day in March 1965 when he was part of the march from Montgomery to Selma and the impact that Dr. King, Rabbi Heschel, and the civil rights movement have had upon America.

See and hear Congressman John Lewis –