Jeff Slavin is the model of the American Jew who acts from conscience, and he is to be commended for his resignation from Woodmont Country Club outside of Washington, D.C. because its leadership refuses to welcome President Obama as a member due to his position of abstention on the UNSC 2334 resolution.

Whether one agrees with the President or not in this particular vote, there is no question that he has been a strong friend and supporter of Israel throughout his presidency. The Obama Administration is responsible for the largest security package that included Iron Dome that the US has ever given to any nation in the world. PM Netanyahu expressed his gratitude for American support.

President Obama is an eloquent exponent of progressive Zionism that affirms both Israel’s security and the necessity of a two-states for two peoples resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the only path that can assure that Israel will remain both Jewish and democratic. This is a position held by a majority of the American Jewish community and, in a just published poll, 68% of all Israelis (see

Woodmont Country Club would do well to reverse this intemperate and outrageous decision.

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Jeffrey Slavin, the mayor of Somerset, Md., called emails about whether President…|By Julie Zauzmer