In response to my request that people who marched on January 21st send a few sentences to Senator Dianne Feinstein so she can take the mass of emails she receives with her to the Senate Judiciary Committee today (Monday, February 6) when the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General comes to a vote, I received a copy of a statement from my friend and congregant Miriam Krinsky who had sent it first to Senator Feinstein. Miriam gave me permission to post her powerful and stirring words on Facebook. She wrote:
“I marched because my children are the first generation in my family born in the US. I marched because I believe in an America that values interwoven cultures coming together to form a rich and strong national fabric. I marched because as a former federal prosecutor I believe in justice and the rule of law – and not an AG who fails to exemplify those values. I marched because I am the mother of two adult daughters who have lost hope.”