Jared Kushner was raised in a traditional Jewish home with, allegedly, traditional Jewish values. However, as this exhaustive article reveals (it was written by Alec MacGillis and co-published with the New York Times Magazine), Jared never understood that among the most important purposes of Torah law and rabbinic legal tradition is to curb the acquisitive instinct and to instill a sense of justice and compassion in every Jew and in the Jewish community as a whole.

I suggest that whatever Jewish education Jared received, he learned little despite being observant today, and his teachers, despite what I would imagine were noble efforts, failed to instill in him the moral and ethical spirit of Judaism and the Jewish people.

As someone who takes seriously the rabbinic principle Kol Yisrael acharei zeh la-zeh (Jews are responsible for one another), when learning of stories like this one I feel enormous shame.

The article focuses on the following story line:

Tenants in more than a dozen Baltimore-area rental complexes complain about a property owner who they say leaves their homes in disrepair, humiliates late-paying renters and often sues them when they try to move out. Few of them know that their landlord is the president’s son-in-law.