That’s how I thought of President Trump as I watched him drone on and on about how much he has done to lift the United States out of the “carnage” that he described in his inaugural address to make our nation only a year later the strongest, wealthiest, and most unified nation in our history, giving no credit to the President who preceded him who dug the country out of the worst recession since the Great Depression.

This is nothing new to this Trump who claims credit for an economy he had little to do with, describes a unified America that is anything but unified, that he is a compassionate leader despite shamelessly parading before the nation the tragedies of others for his political purposes, and who denies three of the most important events of the last year, the Russian intrusion into the American election, the Me-Too movement, and global warming that has had disastrous environmental impact.

I’m reminded of what Dr. George Vaillant, a psychiatrist, and Professor at Harvard Medical School, described as illustrative of the denial of Truth that Trump displays every day:

“It is all too common for caterpillars to become butterflies and then maintain that in their youth they had been little butterflies.”

I am hoping that the 20 percent of independents who Trump was clearly trying to woo in his SOTU speech so as to lift his dismal poll numbers out of the gutter didn’t fall for the pablum that he was selling last night.