‘The Syrians are on the fences’ is a phrase used in Israel to describe the threat from Syria to Israel when the two countries were in an active state of war. Today this same phrase is being used to describe the Syrian tragedy, just beyond the Israeli border.

Kehilat Kodesh V’Chol, a Reform synagogue in Holon, Israel (near Tel Aviv) (and my own synagogue’s sister-Israeli Reform synagogue) is helping an Israeli organization called “Just Beyond Our Border” to raise money through a congregation-wide bake sale to help Syrian children traumatized by the seven-year Syrian civil War.

Click onto this video. I have posted a translation of the narrator’s words below.


“Since 2011 there has been a bloody war, right here, beyond the Israeli border. In these years, 470,000 people were killed, nearly two million were injured, and 6 million people were exiled or fled their homes. We must see the truth as it stands before our eyes.

The Syrians are on the fences, homeless, starving for bread,freezing on the cold nights,getting up every morning to their own personal disaster.

We have to keep the children out of this tragedy. They need food, medicine and clothing for the harsh winter in the area. These children need us, all of us. They need good people to lend a hand.

It is our Jewish, human and moral obligation  not to stand by and reach out to them.

“Forever is mercy built.” (Psalms 89)

Look for the ‘Syrians on fences’ and contribute.

Together, we will be on the right side of history.