What happened this last week in the United States Senate has disturbed deeply the majority of the country given the low approval rating of Judge Kavanaugh and the Senate’s majority vote for him to assume a seat on the High  Court.

So many wanted to see a few Republican and Democratic Senators show that they are “Profiles in Courage” who would choose to vote on principle “no” on Kavanaugh’s nomination.

The following op-ed articles in the NY Times and Washington Post articulate well the meaning of Maine’s Senator Susan Collins’s pivotal speech and deciding vote for Kavanaugh.

After she made her speech, former Obama Administration leader Susan Rice said that she may challenge Collins in her 2020 reelection bid. If Rice does, I will support her with my dollars. One friend, Glenn Krinsky, who referred me to these two articles, promised to fly to Maine and knock on doors in an effort to elect Rice and defeat Collins.

Here are the two op-eds.

Susan Collins Is the Worst Kind of Maverick – She votes with the most right-wing members of her party, even while attempting to occupy some imaginary moral high ground. – By Jennifer Finney Boylan – New York Times – https://nyti.ms/2zUTIuT

Susan Collins’s Declaration of Cowardice – By Dana Milbank – Washington Post