It may seem counterintuitive to supporters of Israel to do as Senators Feinstein and Sanders have done, to oppose including in a spending bill an anti-BDS law, but it ought not to be so difficult to understand their concerns and reasoning.

As this Times of Israel article states (link below), at a time when the Israeli Prime Minister and his government are doing everything they can to foreclose a two-state solution by legalizing illegal outposts in the West Bank and allowing the settlement enterprise to continue to grow and develop beyond the security fence, this bill would stifle criticism in America of those policies that are against Israel’s own self-interest – namely, sustaining Israel as a democracy and a Jewish State.

The only path forward to assure a democratic and Jewish State of Israel is in a negotiated two-states for two peoples resolution of the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel with the help and support of the United States, the EU, and Arab League.

While I know that Senators Feinstein and Sanders are opposed to BDS, as am I, I agree with them that this anti-BDS law would do more harm than good.…/