Pearl Berg's 109th birthday
At the end of an amazing Shabbat morning service at Temple Israel of Hollywood that celebrated my 30th and final year as Senior Rabbi, I had the honor of invoking a blessing upon Pearl Berg who celebrated on February 14 her 109th birthday! [Pearl’s actual birthday was 3 months earlier – on October 1, 1909 – a story in and of itself]
She still knows what’s going on and knew me immediately.
Her son, Robert, told me that on her 107th birthday the family invited KTLA television to interview her. The anchor asked: “Mrs. Berg – how were you able to reach 107 years?”
She answered: “First, you have to reach 106 years!”
I told her that she should live to 120! She said “Please no!” The room cracked up!
She’s still got “IT!”
Notes: As of October 13, 2022, Pearl is still alive and well making her now 113 years old.
Pearl is listed as the 12th oldest American as of this date and the 2nd oldest Californian. She is likely the oldest Jewish person in California and, possibly, the oldest Jew in America
See article in the Jewish Journal – October 2022 – for the full story of Pearl’s life –