This is an article for die-hard Israel watchers and for anyone wanting to make sense of the demographics of the next Israeli Knesset.

Though the Israeli election (September 17) is 6 weeks away and anything can happen between now and then, this piece in The Times of Israel (August 6) offers a guesstimate into what the next Knesset will be.

“Now that the candidate lists for the September elections are closed, we can sketch the profile of Israel’s new team of parliamentarians 

The election campaign has reached an important milestone. After long weeks of mergers, alliances and splits, the candidate lists have been finalized. Now that the dust has settled and the picture is clear, we know what lists will be competing and who is running on them. This allows us to sketch a picture of the new Knesset. Who will be our 120 representatives? Will the number of women MKs continue to backslide? Will the low level of Arab representation improve as a result of the Arab parties’ decision to once again run on a united list?”