I have just published my second book Why Israel [and its Future] Matters – Letters of a Liberal Rabbi to his Children and the Millennial Generation with an Afterword by Daniel and David Rosove (New Jersey: Ben Yehuda Press, 2019). The book has been positively reviewed by a number of American and Israeli thought leaders, including the following:

The chairman of the Executive Committee of the Jewish Agency for Israel, The Honorable Yitzhak Herzog, called my book “a must-read.”
Yossi Klein Halevi of the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem said, “Morally unflinching, intellectually courageous, Rabbi John Rosove has provided us with a desperately needed map for how to navigate the growing tensions between progressives and the State of Israel.”
Former US Ambassador to Israel and Egypt, Daniel Kurtzer, wrote that “it is a book that many of us wish we had written for our own children.”
New Israel Fund Board Chair, Professor David N. Myers said “Rosove’s missives are essential reading for all concerned with the Jewish condition today.”
I invite you to purchase a copy for yourselves, your children and grandchildren, and friends who, as Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President Emeritus of the Union for Reform Judaism said that the book “Makes the case to Jewish millennials that they need Israel as a source of pride, connection, and Jewish renewal, and Israel needs them for the liberal values that they can bring to the Zionist enterprise.”
Other pre-publication endorsements are written by Anat Hoffman (executive Director of the Israel Religious Action Center), Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch (Senior Rabbi, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York City), Rabbi Josh Weinberg (VP for Israel and Reform Zionism and Director of the Association of Reform Zionists of America), Rabbi Jill Jacobs (Executive Director of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights), and Brooke Davies (Former President of the J Street U National Board and currently a 2nd year law student at Harvard College).
At the end of each of the 11 letters, I wrote discussion questions that will engage you, your children and community in discussing not only the historic accomplishment of the Jewish people in the creation and development of the State of Israel, but in tackling some of the greatest challenges facing the Jewish people and the Jewish State.
The book is available on Amazon.com. If you purchase a book and find it worthwhile, please write a review on Amazon because positive reviews promote the book to others.