“I think Reform Judaism is becoming a major pillar of world Jewry today.”

Isaac Herzog’s speech at the URJ Biennial in Chicago (mid-December) is significant because it is the first such speech ever delivered to the Reform movement in such sweeping terms by a chairman of the executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel about the importance of the Reform movement in American and world Jewry. Read his speech here:


Isaac Herzog endorsed my book Why Israel [and its Future] Matters – Letters of a Liberal Rabbi to his Children and the Millennial Generation with an Afterword by Daniel and David Rosove  (available at Amazon) with these words:

“Diaspora Jewry is in a struggle for its collective identity and the millennial generation all the more so. In an era of FAKE, truth becomes a spiritual commodity; a period of ANTI and POST demands value-based motivation, sound reasoning, active listening, and candid conversation. This is what Rabbi Rosove provides this readership. He delineates the just case for Israel with precision and delicacy, sans fluff or pandering. This is a book which strives to combat Israel haters and bashers and gives real tools and answers to those liberal Jews who feel somewhat frustrated and confused about Israel.

Rabbi Rosove’s truths reach minds and open hearts. I urge each and every individual who feels in any way connected to the Jewish People, to ponder this powerful assemblage of candid, insightful messages which address the core issues facing Israel as a nation, and as a notion.

A must read!”

Isaac Herzog is the the President of the State of Israel. Before this he served as chairman of the executive of The Jewish Agency for Israel, and before that he was a member of Knesset (Israel’s parliament) and had been the Chairman of Israel’s Labor Party and the Knesset Opposition Leader. In 2015, Mr. Herzog was a front-runner to win the election for Israel’s Prime Minister. He led the alliance between the Labor Party and the Hatnua Party to create Israel’s largest center-left political party, and was the leading candidate to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the national elections.