The unimaginably bizarre situation meant that for years this man lived with the dissonance of being both a Hamas operative and an admirer of Judaism.”

By YONAH JEREMY BOB – MARCH 14, 2020, The Jerusalem Post

Note: As Israel battles the Coronavirus, President Reuven Rivlin invited Benny Gantz (the leader of the Blue and White Party) to form the next government (Gantz has a committed majority of 61 seats that includes the recommendation of the Joint List – the four Arab Parties).

This article by Yonah Jeremy Bob of The Jerusalem Post tells the extraordinary story of the conversion of a Hamas terrorist to Judaism, reviews the state of Palestinian leadership and succession in the Palestinian Authority, and reveals the work of the Shin Bet (Israel’s secret service) over the last number of years.

It is an excellent overview and well worth the read as politics are evolving in Israel vis a vis Israeli Arab citizens (the Joint List earned 15 Knesset seats in this last election, the most ever) and within the Palestinian Authority.

Yonah Jeremy Bob is a Foreign Affairs Lecturer and an Intelligence, Terrorism, and Legal Analyst for The Jerusalem Post