Anyone interested in Israel’s long-term security and viability as a Jewish democratic state should be against Israel’s unilateral annexation of any part of the West Bank that has been given a green light starting on July 1 per the new Israeli coalition agreement.

In this important article in Foreign Policy, former Israeli security leaders Gadi Shamni, Tamir Pardo and Ami Ayalon write,

“Just as the coronavirus pandemic and collapsing oil prices have contributed to concerns about internal stability in the Gulf monarchies, these regimes will also be forced to preempt public anger by reacting publicly to Israeli annexation lest their adversaries—primarily Iran and Turkey—use their inaction to undermine those regimes’ popular legitimacy. Risking all that for the annexation of territory over which Israel already has full security control makes no sense. Both Israel and the United States need to reconsider before the damage is done. This reckless move won’t just have adverse consequences for Israel’s security; it also has implications for Israel’s future as a Jewish democracy. The U.S. Jewish leaders and the members of Congress emphasized the danger to the bipartisan U.S. support it has long enjoyed—another important pillar in Israel’s national security equation.”

Ami Ayalon, a retired admiral, is a former director of the Shin Bet, former commander in chief of the Israeli Navy, and the author of the forthcoming book Friendly Fire. He is a member of Commanders for Israel’s Security.

Tamir Pardo is a former director of the Mossad. He is a member of Commanders for Israel’s Security.

Gadi Shamni, a retired major general, is a former commander of the Israel Defense Forces Central Command, military secretary to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, and a former defense attache in the United States. He is a member of Commanders for Israel’s Security.

Do read the entire article. These three Israeli security officials do not wear rosy-colored glasses. They are hard-nosed analysts with years of high-level security experience.

Forward this article to anyone who cares about Israel, especially those who think Trump’s so-called “Plan of the Century” is a good thing for the Jewish State. It most assuredly is not. PM Netanyahu and his right-wing coalition partners are moving as quickly as possible to begin annexation of parts of the West Bank before the American presidential election and an expected Biden Presidency that would begin in January, 2021.

Joe Biden, as opposed to Donald Trump, understands and has stated publicly and clearly that the only solution that preserves Israeli security, democracy, and Jewish character is a negotiated two-states for two peoples resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Biden would likely stop Israeli annexation dreams and thereby preserve the possibility, however difficult, for a negotiated two-state resolution of the conflict.