I’ve known Chris Bubser for 20 years as a friend, and when she told me that she was running for Congress I thought – ‘Now THAT is a great idea!’

Chris is smart, engaged, honest, kind, and an effective leader. She cares deeply about people, the environment, healthcare for all, and human rights, and she has a vision for what our democracy ought to be, inclusive, compassionate, and just.

Though Chris decided to run for Congress before this awful virus emerged, the devastation that it has wrought strengthened her resolve to flip a district to Democratic that’s been Republican for decades. See the second link below for an analysis of the district’s demography and why Chris has a good chance of success in her campaign.

Chris has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, the Sierra Club, the California League of Conservation Voters, the Inland Empire Central Labor Council, the Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights, and the National Women’s Political Caucus.

Please take a few minutes time to read these two pieces. If you agree with me that Chris would be value-added in the House of Representatives please consider contributing to Chris’ candidacy in any way you can. Go to ChrisBubser.com.

Meet Chris Bubser, Democratic Candidate for Congress, CA 08


Chris Bubser is well-position to flip CA 08 from Red to Blue