I was playing with our 19 month-old grand-daughter Violet when my wife told me that Kamala Harris was Joe Biden’s choice as Vice President.

I am thrilled as a white American man, a Jew, and a grandfather of a beautiful little girl whose first political memory is likely to be that a Black/Asian woman is Vice President and may well be President of the United States. I am so excited for Violet, for all of us, and for all the little girls in our nation and around the world who will know that Kamala Harris has broken the ultimate glass ceiling.

Yes, her selection is symbolic – but Kamala is also highly competent, smart, wise, seasoned, and a great candidate. I have no doubts that she will be a great VP.

Granted, Kamala is not yet elected, but I believe the election was decided on Tuesday, unless Trump steals it – and that remains a deep worry. That being said, I’m an optimist, and I believe that come January 20 we will have a President Joe Biden, a Vice President Kamala Harris, an expanded majority in the House, and a majority in the Senate.

To most of the nation, Trump has shown through his negative and toxic example how important ethical and competent American leadership really is, how critical the President’s understanding of American and world history and the US Constitution must be, and what America actually stands for – justice, compassion, forward thinking, and peace between the peoples of a diverse nation.

In a time when joy and optimism have been very hard to come by, Joe has infused his campaign and the country with much of both. I say to Uncle Joe – “Thank You and Let’s Go!”

PS – Get everyone you know to register to vote and vote early!