I try and have always tried to understand the thinking of people with whom I disagree, not only because I learn something when I do, but because I don’t claim nor have I ever claimed to be the sole possessor of truth and moral goodness.

But, in the last few years I’ve utterly failed to understand the thinking and morality of the vast majority of Republican leaders (with a few exceptions) and their supporters relative to the immoral, autocratic, and destructive leadership of their party and standard bearer.

My inability to understand continues. I don’t get why not a single Republican lawmaker in the House or Senate voted ‘yes’ on the historic and necessary relief package signed today by President Biden.

Given the historic health crisis caused by the pandemic, the tragic death of more than a half a million of our fellow citizens, the sickening of millions more, the consequential economic hardship, small business failures, unemployment, poverty, hunger, and homelessness, the greater economic pressure on states and cities, on schools and hospitals – I don’t get it. How can these Republicans justify failing to act on behalf of their fellow citizens?

They say the bill is way too big – but they had no problem giving a $2 trillion tax cut to the wealthiest 1% in 2017 or in supporting the first $2 trillion relief package when they held the Senate and presidency.

Is their renewed concern really about growing the national debt? Or is it sour grapes that in the last 4 years because of the moral turpitude and political incompetence of their leadership they lost the House, Senate, and presidency? Or is it because they are suddenly opposed to big government now that the Democrats are in control? Or is it that they’re terrified of their extremist and bigoted base and being primaried in the coming elections?

I don’t know the reasons.

Thank goodness the Democrats are now in control. I’m grateful that by passing this relief bill they have done the right thing, and I look forward to their continuing to do the right thing on such important issues as infrastructure, climate, racial justice, immigration, and voting rights.

May they have the wisdom and fortitude to carry on.