Israeli, Palestinian and U.S. figures virtually addressed about 5,000 activists, signaling a new willingness from mainstream figures to apply pressure to influence Israeli policy

WASHINGTON – J Street concluded their 12th annual conference on Monday, virtually hosting nearly 5,000 activists who listened to lawmakers, experts and activists discuss the current respective political moments in Israel and the United States, as well as the current state of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Note: For those of my readers who do not follow closely the ins and outs of politics in DC vis a vis Israel, this piece in Haaretz by Ben Samuels (April 20, 2021) offers a fine review of what happened at the just-completed J Street National Conference.

In addition to what is noted here, the Jerusalem Youth Choir including Israeli Jewish and Palestinian singers were highlighted. Their music, spirit, and efforts to join together above the fray of politics was inspirational, and their music was uplifting and beautiful. Also, there was presented a fine medley of work by Israel Jewish and Palestinian artists. One artist said that the way for Israeli Jews and Palestinians to understand each other is through the arts.

As I have noted many times over the years, to understand what is happening in Israel and Palestine, a subscription to Haaretz is most helpful. It is the NY Times of Israel. Why not take this opportunity to take out a subscription? I get no kick-back except the knowledge that more people are reading what’s important in Israel.