I am posting this 10-minute clip from Israeli television – though it’s in Hebrew – so you can “feel” the anger, fear, and frustration of the Arab Israeli community through Meretz Knesset Member Issawi Frej who expresses eloquently and passionately his raw emotions and worries – watch it all as Issawi’s raw emotions build to a crescendo.

Frej was involved with Peace Now and the Geneva Accord. I have met him, and he represents the hope of Israeli Jewish and Arab-Israeli coexistence.

What is most dangerous right now is not only a war with Hamas, but another Intifada sparked by thugs in both the Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Israeli communities. Given that there is no government of Israel that is functioning at present, and that this violence serves Netanyahu’s interests to distract the public from the negotiations for a new government led by Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid and reminds everyone that Netanyahu can be a “strong man,” that the complete lack of leadership in Israel (regardless of Hamas’ true intentions and willingness to call for a cease fire) can lead Israel and the Palestinians off a cliff. If that should happen, it will be impossible to calculate the consequences.

This moment reminds us that though there has been quiet since 2014, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be resolved in a two states for two peoples diplomatic resolution that assures Israelis security and democracy and Palestinian national rights, justice, and security. There is no other solution to this conflict.

watch this – https://youtu.be/bvCMeqJHiuE