The brutality being perpetrated against Palestinians and the destruction of their property in the West Bank and East Jerusalem are not representative of the Israel I know and love. Yet, tragically, this violence has become part of the story of the relationship between Israel and the Palestinian people. It is disheartening and infuriating, to say the least, and I am at a loss as to why the Israeli government and military authority allow it to continue with impunity.

What’s the evidence?

Every day there are reports that violent-extremist-Israeli-settler-terrorist-thugs (there’s no other way to characterize them – see links below) are attacking Palestinians and Jewish Israeli human rights activists in the West Bank with impunity.

Regularly we hear stories that the Israeli military authority has bull-dozed Palestinian homes it says were built without permits or are located in what are regarded as security zones.

Far too often we learn that rogue soldiers mistreat, injure, and sometimes kill innocent Palestinians.

Israel was not established to oversee a barbaric occupation such as what has occurred since the 1967 Israeli-Arab war.

This wave of violence is NOT the Jewish way, and it is unbecoming to the Jewish and democratic State of Israel that is, arguably, the greatest accomplishment of the Jewish people in 2000 years.

The Israeli government and military administration must stop all the injustices being perpetrated in its name against the Palestinian people and hold those guilty of violating Palestinian human rights to account. Yes, maintaining security is always necessary and sometimes force is unavoidable. But, unjustifiably abusing innocent Palestinians is a crime and cannot be allowed to continue. That which is allowed, essentially, is condoned and such behaviors will continue to metastasize.

Here are several pieces that show explicitly what is now happening far too regularly in the occupied territories:

The NY Times reported the death of a Palestinian in Israeli hands this past week –

Ali Velchi on MSNBC recounted the dire effects of the occupation and Israel’s illegal settlements, and a moving tribute to Haj Suleiman of Um al Kheir who was killed by an Israeli tow truck last week –

Jewish terrorist thugs attacked Palestinian and Jewish human rights activists this past Friday, January 21st in the village of Burin. These activists were planting trees together with their friends from the Olive Harvest Coalition and Palestinian farmers –