Myah Ward writes today on Politico the following (Excerpted from her longer piece):

“May 1, 2021 was the day the White House announced that there are so many Covid vaccines that any American who wants to get vaccinated can get vaccinated. Yet we lost another 200,000-300,000 Americans after that date. Those who were defiant to vaccines were overwhelmingly in red states, and the redder the county as measured by Trump voters in the 2020 election, the higher the vaccine refusal and the greater the loss of life.

It wasn’t by accident. It was a deliberate effort by members of the House Freedom Caucus, in the House, some U.S. senators, amplified nightly on Fox News.

I don’t even call it misinformation or disinformation anymore. I call it anti-science aggression, to convince millions of Americans not to take a Covid vaccine. And at least 200,000 Americans between May 1 and the end of 2021 died needlessly from Covid because of it. And everyone’s afraid to talk about it because it’s very unpleasant to have to point out that these deaths occurred along such a strict partisan divide. Even the White House won’t talk about it in that way.”

My postscript: Many, of course, got sick and died through no fault of their own. And many are still getting sick after being vaccinated and boosted. But, too many people are becoming lackadaisical about masking up, as though this pandemic is history. It isn’t, and I hope people will keep their masks on every time they are with a group of people inside a restaurant, synagogue, church, mosque, concert, theater, market, drugstore, and even in a moderate to large crowd in the homes of friends. The White House announced that 100 million people will be infected with the new sub-variant of the disease by the fall, which means many will become infected this summer too. So – Be vigilant.

Myah Ward’s piece is worth reading – it isn’t long. She is a young journalist (I’m an old guy so everyone seems young to me) who writes for POLITICO, The New York Times, Bloomberg News, MSN, MSN Canada, Yahoo News, Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, Fortune, Playbook PM Newsletter, Charlotte Business Journal. You can read her entire piece here: