Tom Nichols, a staff writer at The Atlantic, answered the question today that I asked my wife Barbara this week as we were reflecting upon the guilty verdict of seditious conspiracy against Elmer Stewart Rhodes, the head of the Oath Keepers, who led the violent insurrection against the nation’s Capitol building and American democracy on January 6, 2021.

I asked Barbara: “It is so infuriating that these people tried to steal our democracy! Why?” Nichols put it this way: “I found it incredible that we had to interrupt our lives for a movement built on lies and political hallucinations.”

The amount of human energy, media time, and treasure that has engulfed America since the 2020 presidential election is incalculable all because Donald Trump never learned in Kindergarten how to play in the sandbox or how to lose a ball game that I learned in Little League Baseball and on the playground of my elementary school. That so many millions of Americans also seemed never to have learned how to lose fair and square, how to accept reality, and how to appreciate American democracy, utterly confounds me.

Tom Nichols’ piece in The Atlantic is worth reading. The essence of it is this: “It was a rebellion born in affluence and boredom and a desperate search for meaning in otherwise ordinary lives.” The article is short and to the point. I recommend that you google it and read it.

Thanks Tom.