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When looking over the impressive and long list of former Israeli security and military personnel who support the Iran Agreement, it should be clear that not all Israelis agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu, his government, AIPAC, the Republican Party, and some Democrats.

Consider forwarding this list to your friends who are convinced that the Iran Agreement is a “bad deal” and Congress should vote against what took the P5+1 two years to negotiate.

This list was published in Haaretz and then posted on Washington’s Blog (www.washingtonsblog.org).

“Israeli Military Brass Support Iran Deal
Posted on August 5, 2015  by WashingtonsBlog

Haaretz reports that an impressive list of top Israeli military brass supports the deal with Iran. These military leaders wrote a letter to Netanyahu urging him to support the Iran deal.

Because it’s hard to read names jammed together without any organization, here’s a list of some of the military bigwigs (all now retired) who signed the letter:

 Shlomo Gaza, Chief of Intelligence, Major General
 Carmi Gillon, Director of Israel Security Agency
 Ami Ayalon, Vice Admiral, Director of Israel Security Agency
 Itamar Yaar, Colonel Deputy Israeli National Security Council
 Arie Pellman, Israeli Security Agency official
 Amiram Levin, deputy of the Mossad director, Major General
 Itzhak Barzilay, Mossad official
 Nathan Sharony, Major General, head of planning for the armed forces

Numerous admirals and generals signed the letter as well:

 David Ben Bashat, Vice Admiral
 Micha Ram, Vice Admiral
 Alex Tal, Vice Admiral
 Amira Dotan, Brigadier General, member of Parliament
 Uzi Eilam, Brigadier General, Director of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission
 Aviezer Yaari, Major General
 Giora Romm, Major General
 Moshe Lichtman, Major General
 Amram Mitzna, Major General, member of Parliament
 Abraham Almog, Brigadier General, Medal of Courage
 Asher Levy, Brigadier General
 Yossi Gonen, Brigadier General
 Giora Inbar, Brigadier General
 Arie Keren, Brigadier General
 Yoram Cohen, Brigadier General
 Shlomo Egozy. Brigadier General
 Yosef Eyal, Brigadier General
 Asaf Agmon, Brigadier General
 Uriel Agmon, Brigadier General
 Yoram Agmon, Brigadier General
 Amos Amir Brigadier General
 Mordechai ‘Motke’ Ben Porat, Brigadier General
 Shaul Gavoli, Police Major Geneneral, LDF Brigadier General
 Ilan Paz, Brigadier General
 Yitzhak Rabin, Brigadier General
 Giora Ram (Furman), PhD, Brigadier General
 Yaron Ram, Brigadier General
 Gilad Ramot, Brigadier General
 Gilad Raz, Brigadier General
 lftach Spector, Brigadier General
 Benny Taran , Brigadier General
 Aharon Vardi, Brigadier General
 Shlomo Waxe. Brigadier General
 Izak Zamir, Brigadier General
 Gadi Zohar, Brigadier General
 Amnon Reshef, General
 Ran Ronen, General
 Danny Rothschild, General

In addition, numerous top Israeli military brass have previously come out in favor of the Iran deal, including:

 Efraim Halevy, Mossad Director; former head of National Security Council
 Shlomo Ben-Ami, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Internal Security
 Shlomo Brom, brigadier general; former director of IDF strategic planning division; former deputy national security advisor
 Uzi Arad, national security advisor
 Dov Tamari, military intelligence chief; former head of special operations
 Chuck Freilich, deputy national security advisor
 Yitzhak Ben-Yisrael, Chair of Israel’s space agency; former IDF general
 Uzi Even, lead scientist at Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor”