I am forwarding to you this message from Anat Hoffman:
We want to call your attention to an immediate danger facing Women of the Wall.
An extremist group, Liba, has created a video that went viral this week. In a mere 3 minutes, Liba incites rancor against any form of pluralistic prayer at the Western Wall [in Jerusalem]. The video boldly shows scenes of past violence against Women of the Wall.
“The Kotel is the heart of the nation, and you don’t divide a heart,” reads the title.
The video, along with thousands of posters hung in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, implores people, especially ultra-Orthodox teens from yeshivas and seminaries, to come en masse to the Western Wall on Monday, February 27. The plan is to overwhelm and distract Women of the Wall during the monthly Rosh Hodesh Adar prayer service.
It is written on the posters:
“This coming Monday at 7 AM, cults as dangerous as a cancer at the heart of our faithful Jewish nation will be gathering at the Kotel to dig their talons into the holy site and trample with brazen contempt and the Holy Torah.”
Click here to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K2ANIjFaW4.
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Women of the Wall has stood, for 28 years, at the forefront of the battle for freedom of worship in the holiest place for all Jews. This is the time for us to stand together, united to defeat the powers of intolerance.