The United Nations has declared that the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II is taking place in a number of African countries and that twenty million people are at risk of starvation. The vast majority of the famine victims have been so affected not by natural disaster, but as a consequence of war and the massive displacement of populations, now numbering 25 million refugees worldwide.

This disturbing report is discussed on today’s “Pod Save the World” broadcast that you can download as an App or listen here –

David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee and a former Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, speaks with the host of “Pod Save the World,” Tommy Vietor who served under President Obama on the National Security Council.

Mr. Miliband notes that only fifteen percent of Americans are aware of the crisis, but once people become aware of it, it shoots to the top concern they have relative to crisis points in the world. Even the Trump Administration United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, to her credit, has said: “This is a crisis that should be leading every newscast and on the front page of every newspaper.”

What can we do right now to make a difference?

  1. Educate yourselves about this crisis – listening to this podcast is the first step;
  1. To date, thirty-five percent of the $6.5 billion needed to head off the famine has been collected. Money does save lives – so we can donate today to the Globalization Emergency Response Coalition – (I just did!)
  1. Apply political pressure to our congressional representatives on both sides of the aisle and explain to them if they need explanation that from a geostrategic point of view America’s withdrawal from many parts of the Muslim world gives the opportunity to malevolent forces there to fill that void and make it more difficult for international famine aid to reach those in need. Our Congressional representatives also need to be reminded that, as Miliband suggests, “We can’t enjoy the blessings of globalization unless we share the burdens of globalization.”
  1. Put pressure on Congress to increase the number of refugees that the United States accepts beyond the 85,000 minimum accepted during Obama administration.

Rabbi Tarfon said – “We are not expected to complete the task [of healing the world] but neither are we free from trying.” (Mishnah Avot 2:21)