Nas Daily is a Facebook and Instagram site with a charming young Palestinian Israeli man (age 25) who has enmassed more than 5 million followers, and growing.

He posts his videos every day for 1 minute as he travels all over the world. He recently bought an apartment in Rawabi (a new Palestinian complex north of Ramallah) and in Israel and invited anyone of his followers to stay in either one free of charge. There is a bed in each apartment and that’s it.

Nas is smart, brave, kind, charismatic, and wise – way beyond his years.

Put him on your Facebook page – you will not regret it and if you watch him daily, you have at least one minute of joy that day.

The following is his longest post ever (4 minutes) and when you watch it, you’ll understand why. This segment is in a Haredi Jerusalem neighborhood.

Nas is a peacemaker – I love him and hope to meet him one day.

Nas – if you read this, contact me!!!!

My son Daniel’s friend (his parents are Israeli) turned me onto him – and I now hope you will wait for Nas’s posts every day. They are well worth it.