I sent this letter to the White House this morning (February 5)

Dear Mr President:

Your tweet about my Congressman is deeply offensive to me as the Senior Rabbi of Temple Israel of Hollywood, one of Los Angeles’ historic congregations.

Permit me to spell out why I am so offended by what you tweeted most recently:

1. Your designation of my Congressman should be “Congressman Schiff” not “Little Adam” – he is a distinguished Representative in the House of Representatives and he has worked long and hard serving not only his district but the nation in various capacities;

2. You have no idea if Congressman Schiff has aspirations for higher office because he has never said anything of the kind and for you to dismiss him on the basis of ambition speaks more about you than him;

3. You call him a “liar.” I have known Congressman Schiff for many years and he is the opposite of how you characterize him. I suspect you don’t know him at all. He is measured in speech and thought and only speaks specifically when he has the objective facts.

4. You demean not only my Congressman in the way you have tweeted about him but the office of the Presidency when you attack other distinguished leaders for your own personal purposes. I ask you to stop and be the President this country deserves.


Rabbi John Rosove
Senior Rabbi
Temple Israel of Hollywood, Los Angeles