Taglit-Birthright is, arguably, the most successful project since the establishment of the State of Israel in creating positive emotional bonds between young Diaspora Jewish adults and the State of Israel. However, as this article in “The Forward” reveals, the refusal of the leadership of Taglit-Birthright to educate its participants about the deleterious impact of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank on Israelis and Palestinians alike and Birthright’s refusal to allow open discussion and debate is having a deleterious effect on the Taglit-Birthright brand.

One has to worry that the historically positive impact of Taglit-Birthright on young Diaspora Jews may change due to the refusal of the Taglit-Birthright funders to address the existential threat that the occupation poses to the democratic and Jewish State of Israel.

See article by Ari Feldman of The Forward: https://forward.com/news/israel/416486/birthright-blasted-by-activists-for-new-ban-on-criticizing-israel-while/