Senator Mitch McConnell, whose Republican Party represents a minority of the American electorate, has shifted successfully the political and judicial bias in the Supreme Court to a strongly conservative majority through raw political power. He did so by stealing two seats from Democratic Presidents.

For years, the Senate has not represented the will of the American people due to the over-representation of small Republican led states over the large states, the majority of which are led by Democratic Senators.

Assuming the election of a President Joe Biden, as all polls indicate, and a majority Democratic House and Senate, now is the time to do four things to restore democracy to the Senate, Supreme Court, and nation as a whole:

  1. Eliminate the Senate filibuster to allow a simple Senate majority to decide policy
  2. Expand the Supreme Court and introduce term limits
  3. Admit Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico as the 51st and 52nd states
  4. Pass a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral College and allow the American people to elect directly the American President

To accomplish these goals, admittedly heavy lifting with consequences, the American people would restore institutional balance in the Supreme Court and United States Senate, and make the United States a representative democracy. With a Democratic majority in the Senate and House and a Democratic President come January, all this is possible.

It ought to be clear that Republicans have no problem imposing through raw minority power their undemocratic will upon the majority of the American people. The Democratic Party needs in response to take this opportunity to challenge the Republican bully on the playground and restore political balance to our democracy.