The California Recall election of Governor Newsom is an attempt by California “Trump” Republicans (a large number, but far too few to actually be able win the Governor’s office in a regular election) to take over the Governorship by means other than the regular 4-year election, scheduled in only one year.

This Recall Vote is costing the California tax-payer a whopping $276 million, money that instead could have helped reduce college debt, or given young families a child tax credit, or assisted homeless Californians, or given support to the food insecure among whom are many children, or given raises to fire-fighters, or done a hundred other important things to help strengthen the social safety net in this era of Covid, climate change, and economic hardship.

The expenditure of such a large amount of money is completely unnecessary and ought to be defeated handily by every reasonable voter and certainly by California Democrats. If we don’t like Governor Newsom, then wait a year and vote for another candidate in the regular primary election season.

This ridiculous Recall Election is just more of the disheartening Republican “Trump-style” election voter-suppression politics that could be won by a Republican reactionary if Democrats and Independents do not vote in the numbers relative to our voting strength throughout the state.

Here are four things to do with your mail-in ballot:

  1. VOTE “NO” on the recall effort;
  2. DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY ALTERNATIVE CANDIDATE even if you vote “NO” on the recall generally;
  3. Send in your ballot ASAP;
  4. Tell all your voting-age family and friends through social media to VOTE NO. There is no guarantee that Democrats will win this election despite our massive demographic edge unless we actually vote.

Sitting out this election is not an option!