I did not know Ida Nudel personally, but I got my start as a Jewish activist in 1970 through the Bay Area Council on Soviet Jewry (San Francisco) that was among the first organizations in American Jewish life fighting on behalf of the right of Soviet Jews to emigrate to Israel (or America). As a 20 year-old, the names of Natan (nee Anatoly) Sharansky and Ida Nudel were the inspiration of our activism in America. I was privileged to meet Sharansky a number of times, but never Nudel – but I knew her story and am quite certain that she will go down in Jewish history as one of our most courageous and storied leaders.

Zichrona livracha – May her memory be a blessing.

timesofisrael.comFormer refusenik and Soviet Jewish activist Ida Nudel dies at 90Known as ‘Guardian Angel’ for humanitarian work on behalf of Zionist prisoners held in Soviet Union, Nudel moved to Israel after receiving the exit visa she spent years pursuing