Joe Biden ought to be praised for getting a very diverse Congress with Republicans going along as well to pass a huge infrastructure bill that eluded all his predecessors over many administrations.

His political savvy, policy chops, personal attention to detail, lobbying skill with Congress people of diverse needs and orientations, perseverance, patience, affability, refusal to quit, and ability to make this happen is an accomplishment so many inside-the-beltway commentators don’t seem to appreciate enough, including liberal-left news and op-ed writers.

Assuming he will also be successful in bringing Congress (Dems. only this time) along on the BBB bill and get that passed for his signature again, hopefully won’t stimulate the political snipers who say he’s too old for the job, not steady enough, and past his prime. Come on Dems!

Then there’s the Voting Rights Bill and getting a set-aside of the filibuster for that one effort. I suspect he’ll be successful there too.

So, let’s take a major victory lap and give Biden and his administration the credit he and his advisors deserve. I’m tired of the sniping and the doubters constantly questioning everything he does and how long it takes for him to do it. Legislating is a highly honed skill. And he gets it. So do Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, some of the progressive Democrats in the leadership, and everyone successful enough to get things done in contemporary Washington, D.C.