My friend, Rabbi Ammi Hirsch of the Stephen S. Wise Free Synagogue (SSW) on West 68th Street in Manhattan, addresses the growing antisemitism masked as “anti-Zionism” that 40% of Jewish college students nationwide say they either experienced personally or witnessed in the last year. Rabbi Hirsch’s Rosh Hashanah sermon is a powerful explication of a complex yet simple truth that antisemitism is spreading nationwide and that many of our young Jews are unprepared to cope with it, despite the 70-80% of American Jews who support Israel and feel that it is important to their Jewish identity.

As a life-long liberal Zionist and Israeli, Rabbi Hirsch takes on the Harvard Crimson’s support for BDS and lays bare the significance of the moral blindness to which many progressive Jewish students and others on the left at elite universities and colleges have succumbed.

His sermon is worth watching and listening to its end. If you have teen-age and young adult Jews in your families, I urge you to forward this blog to them and encourage them to listen –